Why do I get no flows in my system?

If you have added flow loading to your model, yet the analysis results shows no flows in any of your pipes, this could be caused by a variety of reasons.  Following are some questions to help you troubleshoot your model:

If you are using a flow layer, such as the Service Area layer, did you “connect” the areas to the Collection System layer?  (Make sure the SY_ID field is complete)  Do you have “100%” in the “Percent Active” field? (make sure you haven’t told Hydra® that everyone is on septic systems)  If using the LandUse Area layer, did you also put flows in the Service Area layer with which you are intersecting?  (There can be conflicts between the flow data in the 2 layers)  Did you select a Flow File when you created the analysis run?  (Be sure to use the “Flows” tab in the Analysis dialog box and highlight the Flow File you want to use).

If you are using “point flows” or command paragraphs using the
SY_CMD field
, is your PROJECT.CMD file in your Hydra Project Directory?  (If it has been moved to a different folder, the data will not be used by the model)  Has it been edited with and external Text Editor or Word Processor?  (Check to make sure it still has a .CMD file extension, and not a .TXT or other file extension)

Make sure your sanitary flow curve is not blank.  Did you complete the Diurnal Curve data?

Make sure your “Safety Factors” are not set to zero.
Safety factors are normally set to “1” unless you are in design mode, or otherwise want to increase your calibrated flow by some percentage.  The safety factor parameter for each entity is shown in the Hydra interface in the following fields:  HG_SF_SAN, HG_SF_INF, HG_SF_RAP, HG_SF_STO, or appear in the Hydra Command File as: SAF  1  1  1  1