Capital Improvement / Master Planning
HYDRA® software provides results for managing the capacity of existing sewer systems – today and in the future. It helps identify potential sewer overflows, surcharged pipes, flooding in streets, and other problems. It helps you discover bottlenecks and other deficiencies that may cause flow reversal.

I/I Studies / Rehabilitation Planning
HYDRA® software helps you prioritize repairs of system defects and other efforts to reduce infiltration and inflow (I/I). It allows you to model using I/I flows that would occur under various rehabilitation plans with their expected effectiveness.

Sewer System Design
HYDRA® software can simultaneously model existing pipes, and can design new ones. You set the design criteria, such as acceptable slope ranges, d/D, flow velocity, and depth. It will compute the necessary pipe diameter, invert elevations, match crowns, etc. It can provide estimates of construction cost for new pipes, replacement pipes, or parallel pipes.

Development Impact Studies
When you have a complete calibrated model, you can use HYDRA® software to evaluate new land development projects. You can add a specific flow contribution at any point in the collection system, and determine the impact to the sewer system, at the connection pipe, and at any pipe on the route to the treatment plant.